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Presentation Rehearsals & Mock Interviews

If you've got an important presentation or sales pitch to make, rehearsing it in front of discerning eyes can give you important feedback and tips about how to make a good impression.

Or if you're nervous about an upcoming job interview, a practice run can give you self-confidence and help you avoid disastrous mistakes.




What Keen Eyes Will Do to Help You Prepare

  • Discuss your upcoming presentation or interview with you, listening to any special instructions you may have about what we should watch for.
  • If necessary, research in advance the company or audience you’ll be pitching to, so that your presentation will be as realistic as possible.
  • Watch your presentation or sales pitch in dress rehearsal mode, exactly as you intend to deliver it (preferably in the same room with you, but via Skype if necessary).
  • Actively refer to our checklist of important things to watch for, making written notes of our observations.
  • After your presentation, let you know what you did well and what you  need to improve upon.
  • Provide you with an edited copy of our notes.

Each rehearsal service is individually priced. For a guide on what the cost might be, please see Pricing

Tell us what you need here and we'll give you a quote. Prices are negotiable depending on factors such as how much research time is required, whether you're a repeat client, how quickly you need the work done, and our own workload at the time of the request. 

We can also write your speech for you, if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. 

In her legal career, Keen Eyes prepared dozens of witnesses to give testimony in court. She has herself done dozens of job interviews (on both sides of the desk). She has spoken many times in person before large and small audiences, on television and on radio. 



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