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General Guidelines  

All dollar amounts on this page are in Canadian dollars.

Basic Editing

Basic editing as defined in our introductory video will cost $0.05 (that's five cents) per word. Therefore, an essay or report of 1,000 words would cost $50 to have proofread and corrected for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, diction, and typography.

For student term papers of up to 2,500 words, we have a special early-bird price of $69, provided that you book and pay before March 15 to reserve your spot. After we enter the term-paper rush season (late March and all of April), the price will revert to a per-word cost. 

Other Document Editing

The other services we provide under Document Editing will be billed at an hourly rate. Currently, our introductory rate is $35 per hour—but hurry, as we expect this to increase soon.  

Students: Please note that stylistic editing is not available to you for ethical reasons. Any term paper you submit must be written in your own words. We will correct only for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, typography, and glaring diction errors. 

Presentation & Interview Rehearsals

The services described here are also billed at an hourly rate. Currently, that rate is $35 per hour, but it is likewise expected to rise soon, so don't delay. 

Video Production

Animated videos will be quoted on individually when you give us an idea of what you're looking for. However, this service starts at $399 for a 60-second video. If narration will be used, please expect a 60-second interview to permit no more than 150 words of speaking.  If greater complexity and customization is required, the cost will be significantly higher, and we may subcontract the work. 

Non-Profit Organizations

Special discounts may be offered to non-profit and charitable organizations, if we like your goals, and if you meet certain other requirements. Among other things, we would ask that you allow us to include a discreet advertisement for our services somewhere in the video, in order to qualify for the discount. 


The principal of Keen Eyes Editing has an LL.B. degree and practiced law for almost four decades. She is therefore familiar with legal terminology and protocols, and can edit legal documents more knowledgeably than other proofreaders might. Due to the complexity involved, this service will be billed at a higher hourly rate than ordinary editing services. Keen Eyes is currently shown on the register of Ontario lawyers as "Retired." Therefore, she cannot (and doesn't want to) practice law. She will not do legal research or comment on the likelihood of success of any argument in your document. She will, however, check citations for accuracy, and check for general comprehensibility and logic of your text, in addition to the usual spelling, grammar, punctuation, diction, style, etc. 


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