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"Back in Karen's column-writing days, I always looked forward to her well-reasoned articles, both for the content and the impeccable structure and grammar. Good luck, Karen! You're a great writer and editor and your clients will benefit from your insights and experience."

—Sieg Pedde, President at Lunix Corporation (from a Facebook review posted February 8, 2020)



"Karen was my colleague for over five years. During that time, she frequently edited my work. I found Karen to have an exceptional attention to detail, but also an uncanny ability to 'step into my head' and find better ways of communicating what I was trying to express. That is a rare and wonderful trait in an editor. Karen is able to improve your writing, not merely find typos or substitute her own language."

—Derek James-From, Calgary lawyer, (from a Facebook review posted January 30, 2020)



"How excellent to be able to have the material you write reviewed, edited and corrected by someone who really knows spelling and grammar, and has the skills to explain an idea clearly to a reader!" 

—Paula Zarnett, Vice President at BDR NorthAmerica Inc. (from a Facebook review posted January 16, 2020) 



 "Karen is a wonderful teacher. She is not only professional but also refined so that you can learn sophisticated English. Her broad knowledge of various subjects and classics is also another point that I really like her about. If you want to enhance your English in a more polished manner, Karen is the one I must recommend."

— Jinah, Korean Businesswoman, published on Dec. 23, 2021


"Karen is an excellent tutor, She is very competent and professional. Highly recommended."
— Adam G., Hungarian lawyer, published Nov. 30, 2021
"Karen is an excellent teacher, effectively committed to student growth. His classes have been especially important for improving pronunciation and vocabulary. In addition, Karen has been decisive in preparing academic text presentation. I strongly recommend!"
— Claudio S., Brazilian lawyer, published June 30, 2021
"Karen is a very professional and excellent teacher, and will always find the most effective way to explain difficult words and terms. I am happy that our lessons are dedicated to my current interests and goals. Also, with Karen's help, I continue to build my confidence on public speaking and delivering presentations. I look forward to continuing our classes."
— Peter S., Polish businessman, published December 29, 2020

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