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Editing & Writing

There's nothing like a second set of eyes to find embarrassing, unintentional errors in a document.

Maybe you've written an essay or report that you think is pretty good, but it needs to be shorter. Maybe English isn't your first language, so you'd like to have your writing polished up. Or maybe you've started a blog with the best of intentions, only to find that you are too busy to maintain it. 

Keen Eyes can help in all of these situations.


Services Available: 

  • Basic Editing: We will proofread your document for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, typography, or diction. 
  • Sample Document Edited on ComputerSample Document Edited on ComputerStyle Editing: We will improve your document's style by eliminating wordiness and clichés, improving its logical flow, correcting any inconsistencies of expression, and improving sentence and paragraph structure. We handle reports, essays, blog postings, resumés, letters, and legal documents.

  • Critiquing: For self-published novels or other books, we will provide feedback about your manuscript's structure and appeal, with recommendations for improving the work as a whole.

  • Précis Writing: We will summarize the essential message of your document and produce a précis of an agreed-upon word count, for use in abstracts, book cover blurbs, or document descriptions.

  • Resumé Writing or Review: Working closely with you, we will recommend improvements to your resumé and cover letter, or we will write them for you.

  • Content Writing: We will write letters, web pages, blog entries or other documents to your specifications. 

  • Speech Writing:  We are experienced speech writers who can you sound as though you are genuinely speaking to the audience, rather than reading a stuffy script. Tie this in with our rehearsal service for a polished final presentation.
  •  News Releases: Tell us about your newsworthy event and we'll craft a well-written press release for you to send to local or international media. 


Each service is individually priced. For a guide on what the cost might be, please see Pricing

Tell us what you need here and we'll give you a quote. Prices are negotiable depending on factors such as whether you're a repeat client, how quickly you need the work done, and our own workload at the time of the request. As well, there may be an extra charge if this is an ESL document (English as a Second Language) because that requires additional work. 

Students, please note: we will be happy to proofread and edit any of your essays, term papers, or application letters but we will not "ghost-write" any document that is to be submitted under your name for credit in a course.

One of the books I rely upon in my editing is: Editing Canadian English, 3rd Edition, available at  See the link below. 


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