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Questions arising from Danielle Smith Show (April 24, 2020)

Posted 4/25/2020

Several people have written to me with similar questions arising out of my appearance on the Danielle Smith show. My answers are here. 

Q. What books can you recommend for a good foundation in natural health? 

A. One good reference book on this subject is The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods by naturopathic doctor Michael Murray. Here's the link on Amazon:

Q. What was that book you mentioned that gave the history of the smallpox vaccine?

A. That was Dissolving Illusions by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Here's the link:

Q. What kind of iodine drops do you use?

A. I'm using something called Life-flo Liquid Iodine Plus. Here's a link: There are some people who swear that you have to use something called Lugol's iodine for best results. It's also sold on Amazon, but it's about three times as costly as what I'm using. There are whole books on the subject of iodine for health, so maybe they describe the difference. I'm just sampling this one on my Kindle right now—The Iodine Crisis—What You Don't Know about Iodine Can Wreck Your Life:

Q. What was that you said about zinc lozenges?

A. Zinc lozenges are useful to fight against colds and similar viruses. As soon as you notice any symptoms such as sneezing or a sore throat, start taking the lozenges and letting each one dissolve in your mouth. Repeat every 3 hours until symptoms subside. Here's a link to one reasonable-looking brand that has antiviral elderberry as a bonus:

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