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Notes for Danielle Smith's show

Posted 4/24/2020

This is just a hasty blog post to provide links to things I might mention on Danielle Smith's show on April 24, 2020.

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On the Fence About Amazon Prime?

Posted 2/14/2020

If you're like me, you've probably dithered for years over whether or not to sign up for Amazon Prime. That's the service that gives you free shipping on almost everything Amazon sells, in return for a fixed monthly fee of $7.99 (CAN).  Here's what I finally decided, and why. 

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Book Review: The Diversity Delusion, by Heather MacDonald

Posted 2/9/2020

People sometimes suggest to me that I should teach at a law school if I no longer want to practice law. However, a little voice in my head has always told me that this would not be good for my blood pressure.  I don’t tolerate political correctness very well, and I’ve long suspected that today’s law schools are rife with it.


Now along comes Heather MacDonald and her book The Diversity Delusion to confirm my fears in spades. (Click the book cover to see this on—but don't forget to come back here and continue readings.)

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Can You Spot the Error in This Image?

Posted 2/1/2020

Can you spot the tiny error in the image below?

The picture that accompanies this blog post was made on Keynote, by me, as a background for one of my future animated videos. I thought it was pretty good, considering the tools that Keynote offers.  

After it was done, I proudly shared a screenshot of it with a Facebook group of animated video makers. Much to my surprise, one of them pointed out that there’s a tiny white square, smack in the middle of the image, on the horizon. Oops!  It’s a little handle, indicating that the green block of grass was “active” when I took my screenshot.


This is the kind of error that crops up occasionally after you’ve spent a long time looking at something. I’ve often noticed it in documents that I have composed myself, or documents I’ve proofread for other people. Your brain considers that part of the work completed, so it sees what it expects to see, rather than what is really there.


This is the kind of error that other people can spot, but you’ll probably never notice yourself, until you look at it years later with “stranger’s eyes.”


It underlines the need to have your important documents proofread by an attentive editor.



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I Watched a Good Presentation Today—Amazingly, Paid for by the Provincial Government

Posted 1/20/2020

It's not often that I feel the government is using my money wisely, but today I attended something called a "Business Start Up Workshop" at the Chamber of Commerce premises in Quinte West, Ontario (aka Trenton). 

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Her PowerPoint Presentation Was a Flop

Posted 1/16/2020

A speaker came to my service club this week with a PowerPoint presentation that showed she really hadn't grasped the "power" part of the software's name. She used it so ineffectively that it actually detracted from her presentation, rather than improving it. 

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Politician's Speech Could Have Been Better

Posted 1/10/2020

A few days ago, a municipal politician came and spoke to my service club at our weekly breakfast meeting, before about 30 club members. Let's just say his speech could have been better.

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