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Notes for Danielle Smith's show

Posted 4/24/2020

This is just a hasty blog post to provide links to things I might mention on Danielle Smith's show on April 24, 2020.

Hello, thanks for coming to check out my site. 

Here is a link to the supplement Monolaurin that I may get a chance to mention on the show. In vitro, monolaurin has been shown to dissolve the lipid bilayer surrounding certain viruses. This is essentially the same way that soap works to de-activate the coronavirus. There are no guarantees that it would do the same thing inside your body, but I've been taking it just as a precaution. Monolaurin is made from coconut oil.

Here is a link to a good quality zinc lozenge, containing elderberry and vitamin C as a bonus:

This is a liposomal vitamin C. The advantage to liposomal form is that it can get into the cells better than a water-soluble vitamin C. This one is in liquid form, but you may shop around and find some in capsules.

This is a vitamin D3 plus K2 combo. Vitamin D works best when combined with vitamin K2:

Here is the link to the sci-fi novel This Perfect Day by Ira Levin. It's set in a futuristic society where vaccines are mandatory.

To watch the documentary The Truth about Vaccines, register at this link:

 If you are a member of Rotary Club and want to know especially about Polio, that segment starts at about 1:05:00 of episode 2.

Happy shopping!




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