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My List of Recommend Lawyers re: V Mandates

Posted 9/15/2021

The Lawyers I Refer People to Re: Vaccine Passports / Mandates    

There are currently three lawyers that I've been referring people to if they are interested in getting legal advice about vaccine mandates or passports, as it affects their ability to work or conduct business. 


In Alberta, there's my friend Derek James From. He and I worked together at the Canadian Constitution Foundation for 6.5 years. Derek spent about 10 years altogether doing constitutional law, and is now in private practice.  If you'd like to schedule a consultation, please e-mail his assistant, Sheree: 


In Windsor, Ontario, my friend Jennifer Lynn Richards has started taking cases like this. She also does family law. You can look her up through the Law Society of Ontario's  search engine, here: 


In Stratford, Ontario, lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter is taking this kind of case now. His background is in criminal law. His contact info from the Law Society can be searched here:


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