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I Watched a Good Presentation Today—Amazingly, Paid for by the Provincial Government

Posted 1/20/2020

It's not often that I feel the government is using my money wisely, but today I attended something called a "Business Start Up Workshop" at the Chamber of Commerce premises in Quinte West, Ontario (aka Trenton). 

It appears that Ontario has set up something called the Small Business Centre, whose function is to help small businesses succeed in getting going. 

While I still believe that it is not the proper role of government to organize seminars like this, I felt at least as though the taxpayers' money had been prudently spent. The speaker Luc did a great job. He was a fountain of useful information. He spoke in full sentences, without a lot of hesitation or stumbling. He quickly learned the names of the seven attendees around the table, and he incorporated everyone into the discussion. 

His slide presentation was useful, and he had printed copies to distribute to everyone so that we could take our own notes. There were a few typographical or spelling mistakes in the slides, but that's par for the course these days. 

After a couple of consecutive weeks of mediocre speeches at my service club, it was a pleasant surprise to see Luc give such a well planned presentation. 


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